WELLER WXD 2010WELLER soldering/desoldering set including WXDP 120

WXD 2010 set consists of supply unit WXD 2, WXDP 120 desoldering iron with safety rest

Master soldering tasks that were previously almost impossible to solve with the new 2-channel WXD 2 soldering and desoldering station and the new high-power WXPD 120 desoldering iron. With a heating-up time of 35 seconds, the new WXDP 120 desoldering iron sets a new standard for high-performance soldering and desoldering.

The digitally controlled WXD 2 soldering and desoldering station has been designed for professional repair work on state-of-the-art electronic modules in industrial manufacturing technology and in the repair and laboratory sector.

Extremely short heating-up time and high energy saving

The WXDP 120 desoldering iron is ready for use after 35 seconds (setback capable), and after only 20 seconds from standby mode. Thanks to an integrated sensor, the WX tools by Weller can be switched on simply by moving them. This means that energy is only consumed when the tools are actually in use.

Comfortable handling
Thanks to perfect ergonomics and user-friendly technology, it is possible to change the tin cartridge and suction nozzle quickly. The WXPD 120 desoldering iron sets a new standard for handling.

No more annoying cleaning
The newly extended nozzle shaft prevents adhesion of the outlet tube. Because the intake channel is also replaced, annoying and time-consuming cleaning is a thing of the past. The comparatively low working temperatures (380°C) and the automatic standby mode extend the services lives of the suction nozzles approximately three-fold.

Parameter memory in the iron
As with all WX tools by Weller, with the WXD 2 soldering and desoldering station the desoldering parameters can be programmed easily and saved in the tool. This means that it is possible to start work immediately after plugging in, without time-consuming adjustments.

Power Sharing
Power Sharing allows for a flexible selection and the simultaneous operation of Weller WX tools for each application area up to 200 W (255 W) overall power. The advantages: High cost savings, because only one supply unit is required for multiple applications. Reworking is reduced due to the selection of the optimal tool and the correct working temperature.

Benchtop controller
As a central control unit, the WXD 2 can control and switch off the externally connected pre-heating plates and soldering fume extraction systems when no soldering is being done. This results in high energy and cost savings.

Constant suction power
The maintenance-free Venturi unit creates a constant vacuum via an external compressed air supply.

Intuitive operation
A clearly arranged and multilingual menu navigation shortens the learning period. The turn and click wheel allows for intuitive operation.

WXD 2010 Set
consists of a WXD 2 supply unit, WXDP 120 desoldering iron with
safety stand
  • Algemeen
    • Type
    • Soldering and desoldering station
    • Technologie
    • Digital
    • Opbouw
    • 2-channel
    • Model
    • WXD 2010
    • Uitvoering
    • ESD
    • Temperatuur, max.
    • 550 °C
    • Goedkeuring
    • Rework station
    • Toebehoren
    • Incl. desoldering iron
  • Elektrische gegevens
    • Vermogen
    • 255 W
  • Uitvoering
    • Stroomvoorziening
    • 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Afmetingen
    • Lengte
    • 170 mm
    • Breedte
    • 151 mm
    • Hoogte
    • 130 mm
  • Stroomvoorziening
    • Spanningsingang (net)
    • 100 - 230 V AC
    • Netfrequentie
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Netstekker
    • EF - French + protective contact CEE 7/7
    • Aansluiting op het stroomnet, aan apparaatzijde
    • C14 - cold device socket (m)