EN MP 2XDMax Plus, alkaline battery, D (Mono), 2-pack

Energizer Max Plus is our powerful alkaline battery and offers long-lasting power for your demanding devices. Max Plus batteries are therefore ideal for long-lasting performance in your most commonly used devices. This protects the environment, because if the batteries are replaced less often they generate less waste. Energizer Max Plus maintains performance over a storage period of up to 10 years. The batteries can be used in a standard temperature range from -18°C to +55°C.

Long-lasting, reliable energy to meet the requirements of all your devices.

  • The Energizer® brand offers the expert knowledge of a global brand at an affordable price
  • They offer lasting performance for your everyday requirements
  • Energizer® Alkaline Power are well protected against leakage
  • Ideally suited to torches, Wii game controllers, cameras, games, medical equipment, radios, GPS, toy cars, wall clocks, baby monitors, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players and more.

Packaging: pack of 2
Voltage: 1.5 V
Cell type: Mono/D

Compatible with:
Mono/D/4020/LR 20/MN 1300/AM-1/UM-1
  • Algemeen
    • Type
    • D (Mono)
    • Technologie
    • Alkaline
  • Verpakking
    • Verpakking
    • 2er-Pack
  • Elektrische gegevens
    • Spanning
    • 1.5 V
  • Aansluiting / interface
    • Aansluiting
    • Standard, Top
  • Afmetingen
    • Hoogte
    • 60.5 mm
    • Ø
    • 32.5 mm