AKKU 50540Laptop battery for COMPAQ, Li-Ion, 4400 mAh

Notebook battery for COMPAQ.

Compatible replacement battery, not an original battery from the manufacturer!

Refer to the device and battery numbers listed to select the right battery for your device!

Replacement battery suitable for:
COMPAQ: Presario A900, Presario A900XX, Presario A901XX, Presario A902XX, Presario A903TU, Presario A903XX, Presario A904TU, Presario A905TU, Presario A908TU, Presario A909US, Presario A910CA, Presario A910EG, Presario A910EM, Presario A913CL, Presario A915EF, Presario A916NR, Presario A918CA, Presario A920EG, Presario A920EN, Presario A924CA, Presario A925EF, Presario A928CA, Presario A930CA, Presario A930XX, Presario A931NR, Presario A935EA, Presario A935EG, Presario A935EM, Presario A935TU, Presario A936CA, Presario A936TU, Presario A937TU, Presario A938CA, Presario A938TU, Presario A939CA, Presario A940CA, Presario A940EG, Presario A940NR, Presario A944CA, Presario A945EE, Presario A945EM, Presario A945US, Presario A948CA, Presario A949NR, Presario A950EF, Presario A950EM, Presario A950EO, Presario A960EF, Presario A960EM, Presario A961EM, Presario A965EF, Presario A966TU, Presario A967TU, Presario A968TU, Presario A969TU, Presario A970EF, Presario A970EG, Presario A970EM, Presario A970TU, Presario A971TU, Presario A972TU, Presario A975EM, Presario C700, Presario C700EM, Presario C700ET, Presario C700LA, Presario C700T, Presario C700XX, Presario C701LA, Presario C701TU, Presario C701XX, Presario C702LA, Presario C702TU, Presario C703LA
  • General
    • Type
    • Notebook-Akku
    • Technology
    • Li-Ion
    • Design
    • für COMPAQ
    • Category
    • Cell
  • Electrical values
    • Voltage
    • 10.8 V
    • Capacitance
    • 4400 mAh
  • Measures
    • Length
    • 206.5 mm
    • Width
    • 51.5 mm
    • Height
    • 21.5 mm
  • Weights
    • Weight
    • 0.304 kg
  • Packaging
    • Packaging
    • Individual packaging
  • Other
    • Sleeve
    • Plastic
  • Environmental information
    • dangerous goods
    • UN3480/188
    • nominal energy
    • 47.5 Wh