GO-E CH-02-00-0go-eCharger, mobile KFZ charging box 22 kW

The go-eCharger mobile is a mobile charging box with the highest performance at an unbeatable price / performance ratio. In addition to the extensive safety functions such as phase detection, grounding measurement and adapter recognition, the box is equipped with RFID for access control and WLAN with hotspot function and is therefore largely customizable and updatable via the associated app.

Plug in and charge
The go-eCharger is the first wallbox that becomes a mobile loader with just a few simple steps. This is ensured by the included wall bracket. Due to the CEE connection, the charging box is also fully Plug & Play capable and you get the power from most of the EU's popular outlets via the adapters. This means that no destination is too far in the holidays.

With the go-eCharger app you have your loading box under control. Whether you're checking your load history, setting times for charging, adjusting current, or simply starting and stopping the charge, the app will do it anytime, anywhere. Of course, the charger can also personalize, rather yellow than blue LEDs or very dark? No problem! Also, the knob can be switched off, sure is safe.

With the integrated WLAN, you can access your wallbox via the home network, the Internet or directly with the mobile phone via hotspot.

Type 2
The always ready in the car type 2 cable is not necessarily a real asset to the trunk. It gets scary when two of its kind frolic in it. For this reason, we have donated the go-eCharger a type 2 can. So the box hardly takes up space in the car and you can just use your cable which is already there without it.

Simply log in and load with the key fob. Safe and fast. If no access authorization is required, this can be disabled via app.

Connection on the vehicle:
  • Type 2 socket, own type 2 cable required (not included)
  • Lock with anti-theft device
  • charging power max. 22 kW (32 A 3-phase)
  • Vehicles with type 1 can be charged with adapter cable
  • Ampere and status indication via LED ring
  • Charging power adjustable via push-button and app

  • CEE red 32A, 30cm
  • with adapter:
  • CEE red 16A
  • CEE blue 16A
  • Safety plug (household socket) 16A
  • power: max. 22kW (32A 3-phase)

  • Charging box 22 kW with 32 A CEE plug
  • Wall bracket incl. screws and dowels
  • optional cable protection (theft protection)
  • instructions

  • Algemeen
    • Type
    • Charger
    • Uitvoering
    • 3-Phase
    • Model
    • 22 kW
    • Uitvoering
    • Für Typ 1 und 2
    • Technologie
    • Wifi, RFID
    • Model
    • CH-02-00-0
  • Aansluiting / interface
    • Aansluiting
    • CEE 32 A
  • Verpakking
    • Verpakking
    • Individual packaging